Victoria Kariithi

Every contract lawyer has his or her drafting bugbears and hobby-horses, problems that they look for and frustratingly find time and time again in other lawyers’ contracts and other documents, Victoria has a different approach of ensuring the nitpick-ing does not frustrate the client’s business or bore them in long negotiations that ultimately don’t meet their needs.

So, Victoria enjoys providing her expertise in Conveyancing/Property Law, Corporate Advice/Company, Commercial Law, Family Law (Adoption, preparing Wills, representing clients in Probate and Succession Litigation), Alternative Dispute Resolution and Media and Entertainment. She also represents clients in some court, tribunal and quasi-judicial agency matters.

Not too long into the future, Victoria hopes to own a Fender Telecaster electric guitar. She does not want to own a strange-named six-stringed instrument just for the sake of it…she can actually play a tune, a melodious tune on a guitar