David Tole

“He does not know it, but I call him Esquire, because I perceive him as a nobleman.” Victoria Kariithi.

It is interesting that David is seen as a nobleman, as he is quite a polished and intelligent gentleman, with a serene disposition. If you meet him, you will see that this is true, and if you want to see that this is true, then have to come in and meet him; but of course, you need to have a litigation matter at hand, otherwise just coming in to meet him for no reason, would appear…. what’s the word…., oh yes, strange…

David is well versed and highly experienced in litigation matters. He has a wide experience in the field of Election law, commercial and civil litigation, criminal law and employment and labour relations law.

True to his polished and serene nature, David loves golf; he not only loves it, he plays it! And he is also a good chess player, which supplements his passion in the legal field, chess being a game of the minds.